POLET – the exhibition
Economic propaganda in Yugoslavia
from 1969 to 1980

Novi Sad, From 17th to 25th May 2013
Cultural Centre of Novi Sad, Art Gallery


POLET – the exhibition
Economic propaganda in Yugoslavia from 1969 to 1980

Cultural Centre of Belgrade, Art Gallery and PODROOM
From 27th March to 13th April 2013

POLET exhibition shall display the most representative examples of the newspaper ads published in the Economic policy weekly in the period between 1969 and 1980. The exhibition is a sort of an anthology of its time as it depicts, by means of visual narrative, the relationship between the market and the economy, the need to appeal to consumers, as well as the broadening of marketing rules and philosophy.

The exhibition shall be held in two venues: the Art Gallery and the Podroom gallery in the Cultural Centre of Belgrade. The abundant visual material has been systematically categorized in over 150 luminous panels accompanied by actual data, so the whole exhibition functions as a giant info-graphic, conveying the spirit of the times in the best possible way and testifying to the social order of the time.

This unique combination brings together western adver-

tising tradition and socialist aestheticism. Behold the progressive visuals, sense of humour, high conceptual achievements and an attempt at lifestyle!

Experience advertising the Yugoslav way!

The POLET exhibition has been supported by the socially responsible company of NIS, as a part of the programme called “Culture without Borders”. Producers of the exhibition are Metaklinika studio. The authors’ team: Metaklinika studio, Mijat Lakicević and studio Petokraka. Project partners – the Cultural Centre of Belgrade and the International conference entitled (Graphic) Designer: Author or Universal Soldier.

The Exhibition opens on 27th March as part of the 4th International Conference (Graphic) Designer: Author or Universal Soldier.